10 Unexpected Things To Bring To College

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unexpected things to bring to college

Weighted blankets can help to calm you are reduce your anxiety levels. Plus I think it is comfier to have extra weight on me when I sleep. The only downfall is that once you get used to sleeping with one it can be hard to sleep without the extra weight. Drying off after a shower while trying to balance on one foot can be tricky.

It can be a little glimpse into your personality. Since everything is custom made, the possibilities are endless- just poke around on Instagram until you find the perfect thing for your dorm. If you decide to bring a printer with you, buy an extra pack of ink. Depending on your printer, the Bobcat Depot might not carry the ink and if you can’t catch a ride to Walmart, you might have to order it on Amazon. Having an extra pack hidden away could save you the hassle of trying to print a paper at the library late at night. When you’re packing, it’s easy to only think of the clothes that will be comfortable for class.

unexpected things to bring to college

This single serve coffee maker is a must-have because you may not have time to go pick up a coffee at Starbucks while on your way to class. Also, you probably won’t drink a full pot of coffee every day.

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Seriously, though, this is actually a pretty comfortable chair. It even folds up for easy storage during DDR battles. I use a set of these to store my alphabetized, mint condition collection of rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, but they work pretty well for anything that you need but don’t use regularly. Great as a supplement or instead of plastic under the bed storage containers. Probably what you’d take on the train to Hogwarts as well.

unexpected things to bring to college

No one wants to show up to an event with wrinkled clothes. This mini steamer is super easy to use and is small enough that it won’t take up too much space in your room. You definitely want to bring a first aid kit with you to college or at least some bandaids.

Unexpected Things To Bring To College: Party Supplies And Costumes

They’re like this so that you can more storage space underneath . A supportive bed rest pillow will make all those things a lot easier on your posture. If so, it’s a good idea to bring some earplugs or a noise machine to college. These things will help you fall asleep when the rest of your floor is being loud. Being busy, busy, busy on campus often means not a lot of downtime.

If you are going to be using plates, bowls, water bottles, silverware, etc. then you are going to need something to wash them with. This seems like a no brainer but compared to all the other things you need to bring this can be easily forgotten . With the effects of coronavirus being felt around the country, college this fall is going to look very different. While some colleges are continuing virtually, unearned revenue others are starting to welcome students back to campus for in-person classes. Whether studying virtually or in person, you’ll need the latest tech to make your college life a tad bit easier. The links on this page are affiliate links; as an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission on qualifying purchases made through them . The individual items in this category are totally, completely optional.

The items below don’t take up much space, but will let you do things like bond with your hallmates, kill it at the costume party, and make some pasta in a snap, among other uses. You’re not going to get any of that from a set of twin XL sheets. MirrorNo matter who you are, having two mirrors in the room will make life easier. Some dorms actually already have two, so you may want to see your room before you get a mirror. When you and your roommate are both getting ready in the morning, you’ll be grateful for the extra mirror. And when you’ve got six extra people in your room all getting ready for Spring Formal, you’ll be REALLY grateful. But there are a few things you might not know you needed.

Therefore, you will need something to store all of your files in to keep your desk clean. If you have a lot of clothes or you are living in a dorm room, a closet organizer is something you may not have expected that you would need for college. Therefore, you can keep this in your dorm room or kitchen of your apartment to quickly make your coffee in the morning and leave with the travel contribution margin mug that comes with it. This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase through our links. These are also great to keep in dorms because they are long enough to reach all the weird places, making it easy for you to use your phone in bed ;). I used them all the time to hang heavy stuff like my backpack, purse, and other things.

Also, accidents happen and would you rather invest in a small simple sewing kit or a new pair of jeans? Accidents happen, and when you don’t have your parent’s medicine cabinet that they’ve prepared over the years you have to fend for yourself. A simple first aid kit like this one is perfect for minor accidents. Plus, anything else required by the student’s specific classes or on their specific college supplies list. Again, space it very limited in dorm rooms, so you’ll want to look for the most compact dorm room refrigerator available.

  • Students want their phones by their beds and this durable, extra long and extra fast charging cord makes that a reality, especially when plugged into a surge protector.
  • SHOPPING FOR COLLEGE IS HARD. So glad I could get that out in all caps.
  • You’d be wise to purchase a backup charger to keep with you at all times.
  • A power strip with a built-in surge protector is what I would deem to be the most crucial item.
  • You can go the route of a few of my friends my first year who snuck some silverware out of the dining hall to keep in their rooms, but I definitely don’t recommend that.

A charging cord is something every college student should have with them wherever they go. At one point, you’ll be thanking yourself for having these when your phone charger breaks. You don’t need to go too over board with school supplies in college. But, here are a few things you WILL need to bring to college.

Clothesline Or Clothes Rack

You will have garbage piling up faster than you think and you will need to take your own garbage out, whether it be outside to the trash or across the floor to the shoot. And you don’t want your garbage falling out onto the floor or onto you – so get bags that are sturdy and durable. A good tip to keep in mind for when you run out of garbage bags, or forgot to get some, is to save plastic bags from grocery stores, they work fine.

New friends, new home and a new set of challenges. One thing that shouldn’t https://turbo-tax.org/ be overwhelming is the list of items needed ahead of arriving on campus.

unexpected things to bring to college

Colab Dry Shampoo is the fastest, easiest, budget-conscious solution to de-grease roots or add volume to limp hair. Invisible dry shampoo for all hair colors, you can find it at most large department stores. The newest products –Overnight Renew formula ($6.50) and Original formula in Supersize – launched in February of this year. Ricard Beverly Hills Indio Train CaseThe Indio train case by Ricardo Beverly Hills is a perfect dorm accessory for makeup lovers who have to share a mirror. With four easy to wipe down cases in multiple sizes, the Indio train case is perfect for keeping makeup and skincare essentials organized. The smaller pouches are perfect to toss in a tote or backpack for on the go touchups.The the bigger cases hold it all for easy portability in the dorm. Rose Notebook from She RoseShe Rose makes gorgeous paper products for college students.

Otherwise you should bring to college some kind of chair that you can use when you have people in your room (or when you just don’t feel like climbing up onto your lofted bed). Yes, there are sinks in your bathroom, but come on, do you really want to drink that water – that water that you have no knowledge about the possible chemicals or germs in it? Brita filters will take away all the gross, harsh chemicals of your sink water AND it’s cheaper than buying a new pack of water every week or so.

Mom, Did We Pack A Flash Drive? 7 Surprising Items To Add To The College Packing List

You’d be wise to purchase a backup charger to keep with you at all times. It’s compatible with most devices, but make sure that it fits yours before purchasing – just in case. Dry Erase Wall DecalsYou can finally color on the walls thanks to these dry erase wall decals! They look cool and will serve some important – and fun – purposes. Write yourself notes, write your roommates jokes, let your friends doodle, or whatever else you crazy college kids come up with. Huggable HangersYou’ll find you have tons of extra space when you use these ultra-skinny hangers. Plus, they’re velvet, meaning your clothes won’t be slipping off and falling on the floor.

Can be scheduled in advance up to seven times, or just press the go button when you’re ready. It automatically docks and re-charges itself and adjusts to all types of floors. Instead of tossing stuff on the floor or the end of your bed, get yourself a hamper. You should unexpected things to bring to college purchase this decorative wall calendar because it will keep your life organized and it is also has a cute design to add to your decorations in your room. You will not be able to leave your things in the bathroom, so this will make bringing all of your items much easier.

Students can enjoy one-touch simultaneous connection of up to threeBluetooth-enabled devices and can switch between laptops, smartphones and tablets with a single keystroke. FOCI is a thumb-sized wearable focus tracker, because we all know it can be easy to lose aim in college. It clips to the waist, and you can get a read on your emotions, productivity and distractions, and use its biofeedback technology to better focus and learn smarter. You might think buying a pack of plastic straws is cheaper, but in reality it actually isn’t. Being reusable straws will be cheaper in the long run because you only have to purchase them once and you are saving the turtle and the environment! If you are a person who like to drink out of straws then opt for the reusable option like these ones.

First impressions are important and we all want to start out on the right foot. It’s totally normal to feel anxious and to start fretting as the big day approaches.

Things You Need To Know As A College Freshman

Today I’m sharing some unexpected things to bring to college, items you will be glad you have when you arrive on campus. A lot of the time dorms have very few wall plugs and they can be in weird places.

A measuring cup will also come in handy for boiling water in the winter for tea or hot cocoa. Disinfectant wipes are always good to have on hand—but it’s especially necessary now. Use it on your desk before class starts, or wipe down your school supplies once you return to your dorm room. These are easy to forget, but a shower curtain isn’t much use if you can’t hang it up. And no, you shouldn’t try to use rubber bands and paper clips for this .

A set of food storage containers for saving leftover takeout food, doing weekly meal prep, and shhhh, stealing dining hall food. An ethernet cable is one of the college must haves.

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Get ready to get seriously silly – imagine how cheered up you’ll be when you look over at your stapler and it look back at you. Or, at least you’ll look like it when you’re showering behind this porthole shower curtain. For students who have prescription meds, jewelry and/or other valuables, consider a lock box for storage. Students want their phones by their beds and this durable, extra long and extra fast charging cord makes that a reality, especially when plugged into a surge protector. And for men, this is a very affordable and durable rain jacket from Columbia and it is available in an array of colors.

The basic college supply list will look a lot like high school school supplies. Leave any suggestions and feedback down below. If you have any questions pertaining items not on the list feel free to ask below and someone will get back to you.

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