The wire guy’s strategies: professional claiming to be hired for opportunity Warner wire is actually telling all on Reddit

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The wire guy’s strategies: professional claiming to be hired for opportunity Warner wire is actually telling all on Reddit

People saying is a period Warner wire technician try spilling tips on Reddit.

Times Warner Cable, the second-largest provider of television and online sites in the us, told Quartz that it is looking into the postings. “We’re not able to confirm when this individual is an existing or previous employee,” a spokesman said.

Reddit individual cableguy_the began an “Ask me personally nothing” (AMA) thread, uploading photographs of his ID badge and uniform as proposed proof his task. Their solutions to the questions arriving are really candid. Check out highlights (typos maintained).

On Comcast’s pending purchase period Warner wire:

We would like the merger because the recent team responsible may be the worst in latest background. Lots of people obtaining discharged as a result of impossible metrics. The electricity has been fond of customer care reps and removed from the people that actually go to the houses and fix trouble . It’s a mess and also the providers will be run like shit IMHO [in my personal modest opinion].

About tension between professionals and customer care associates:

Yea customer care staff and techs include battling a war that no body views. We dislike them, they hate all of us. They tell people the issue is the equipment with regards to hardly ever try. We determine people to just dismiss exactly what the chap from the telephone says because it is likely that very good, they have never wired a home, installed a drop or repaired cable.

On what’s truly incorrect together with your link:

Don’t feel 50percent of exactly what the representative regarding the telephone tells you. Merely schedule the tech. Permit him work. He’s finished this earlier. The agent only answers phones. it is rarely the apparatus causing the concern.

Regarding the secret to getting best services:

When a technical shows up ,ask for his supervisors number. Tell him it’s just not burning your but to intensify a problem. He could contact their sup to make certain their cool but that will help.

On what’s avoiding faster internet down load rates:

Truthfully, standard analogue cable tv. It requires right up sooo much bandwidth . 1 channel per regularity vs connecting numerous wavelengths to supply 8 networks for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . As we run 100percent digital tv.. Internet will get quicker. Also obstruction. If you’re around a college it is the worst . Granny might use her 15 meg for e-mail and searching but younger Johnny university child sucks in the data transfer in the region using netflix and torrenting and games. Yet they shell out equivalent. IMHO what can correct this really is capping data and giving everyone uncapped performance.

On why splitting your cable tv connections is actually an awful idea:

Installing a splitter just to College dating app attenuate the alert is really foolish we even have issues called attenuators which do this without incorporating unnecessary splitter. But it is correct that too much sign is simply as poor as lack of we name that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA will definitely cost him his task:

I would feel fired based just who captures me. I may buy an additional benefit its so difficult to share with using way this company is currently organized.

How Wi-Fi indicators include unreliable, and will feel vanquished by doors and wall space:

Yes most evident. Plaster wall space particularly.Solid wooden gates, being in a basements whenever the router is found on the second floor or the other way around. Wi-fi is actually a fickle creature.

On your “broken” cable modem:

Yea we discover this loads. I’d say in a given year I would state 5per cent of modems I swapped happened to be actually bad. We perform many canine and pony program and merely exchange they anyhow. The issue is typically maybe not machines associated. Modems either jobs or they don’t. There’s so small in between. They’ve been simple products. You will find program people using my very own laptop every thing operating just fine, subsequently switch back to their products and anything goes to shit. They nevertheless require a unique modem..Its insanity.